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End User System Analysis and Documentation


I can analyse and test functionality of a system in progress or a completed system from the perspective of the Users of the system.

Testing done outside of a programming and design viewpoint provides useful feedback to the Developer that the system is working functionally and understandably for the User. As the System Owner you will have a rounded product you will be able to successfully market and/or implement.

I offer quality evaluation, detailed feedback and cost saving as you will be dealing with one point of contact. The alternative is script based User Acceptance Testing. However this usually occurs once the system is completed so precludes testing while the system is being developed. In addition UAT may well be written by the Developer so the User focus could be lost, requires more resources and potentially not as rounded in feedback.

I can offer detailed documentation using learning principles.

Documentation will be designed to help the user utilise the designed system to its full potential and will have a dual purpose: The Learner (User) will learn the system because it will be learner based with defined Lesson Objectives and the documentation will be able to be used as a reference tool thus completing the System for the Owner.

This is offline documentation even if available in PDF, not E-learning. However E-Learning could be developed using such detailed documentation.





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